The Sei Do Kai


Anyone can join the Sei Do Kai, you don't have to be a member of the University but you will have to obtain entry to the Athletics building through a daily pass which is $10 or so, or through a monthly membership. See the UG athletics website for details.


At the University of Guelph, students of the Sei Do Kai study the All Japan Kendo Federation (ZNKR) Iai forms (Zen Ken Ren Iai) and the Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu (MJER) Iai as well as Seitei Gata Jo or the Zen Ken Ren Jo forms (as well as Shindo Muso-ryu Jodo). The ZNKR arts are governed by the International Kendo Federation and the Canadian Kendo Federation.

Finally, we offer classes in the Hyoho Niten Ichiryu  and Kage Ryu kenjutsu. 

The Sei Do Kai is a University of Guelph registered club, operated under the U of G athletics programs. The club is open to anyone of any level, and always welcomes new students and spectators. The Sei Do Kai is also a member of the Canadian Kendo Federation

Sei Do Kai may be translated as quiet-active school. Our students strive to understand this unity of action and quiet in the sword practice and in their own lives. The arts are not simply for self-defence or learning how to use a weapon, but are intended as spiritual training. 

The club has offered classes and seminars since the fall of 1987. At least once per year senior instructors are invited from Japan, and at other times instructors from other countries come to Guelph to teach.


You can join the class at any time, we don't have a set intake period. Classes are small so this isn't a problem.

Practice times, From May to Sept (spring and summer)

  • Tuesday and Thursday 7:00pm Athletics U. Guelph

From Sept to May (fall and winter)

  • Tue 10-midnight AC302
  • Fri 7:00-9:00pm AC302
  • Sun 1-4pm AC302

UG athletics is at the University of Guelph in Guelph Ontario. The building is on East Ring Road between Stone Road and College Ave on the east side of Gordon Street. John T. Powell building


Why practice the martial arts? See my blog at: where you will find all sorts of reasons. You can check us out on facebook as well.


You can join by showing up at class any time. University rules state that nobody under 16 can join.

How Much:

Classes are no longer free, the Athletics center has insisted we charge $5 per semester (4 months) and you need to pay $10 to get into the building if you are not a full time student.

If you wish to grade you will have to join the Canadian Kendo Federation and your grading fees will be paid through that organization.

For more information on the Sei Do Kai, please feel free to contact Kim Taylor. You can send mail to Kim right from here, to his address  You can also contact club coordinator Pam Morgan directly

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