The CKF International Spring Jodo and Iaido Seminar and Grading

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The following information concerns the 2017 Jodo grading to be held May 21 at 5pm. To register for this grading go to: and follow the links. The grading is open to all, non-Canadian kendo federation members will register as per international gradings, and there are links on the CKF website link provided above.

This grading has had some rule changes. The requirements are as in the following table.

Kyu/Dan Applied for Examination Subjects
1 Kyu First 3 Kihon, Seitei Kata* #1, 2, 4 Jo and Tachi side
1 Dan Kihon+Seitei Kata 2 - 6 both sides
2 Dan Kihon+Seitei Kata 3 - 7 both sides
3 Dan  Kihon+Seitei Kata 4 - 8 both sides
4 Dan  Seitei Kata 5 - 9 both sides
5 Dan  Seitei Kata 6 - 10 both sides
6 Dan
Seitei Kata 6 - 11 both sides (rotation)
7 Dan
Seitei Kata 7 - 12 both sides (rotation)

Rotation: the testing group is separated into groups of three or four according to age and rank. The test is conducted as follows.

1tachi v 2jo
2tachi v 3jo
3tachi v 1jo
3tachi v 4jo
4tachi v 1jo

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