The 2018 CKF International Spring Jodo and Iaido Seminar and Grading
28th Year

University of Guelph, Ontario Canada, May 18 to 21

Missing You at the Guelph Spring Seminar
Spring Seminar 1995 or 1996
From 20 years ago. How many people can you name?


Chris MANSFIELD sensei, Kyoshi 7dan. (England)
sensei, Kyoshi 7dan. (England)
Carole GALLIGAN sensei, Renshi 6 dan (Canada)
David GREEN sensei, Renshi 6 dan (Canada)

Canadian Kendo Federation


Genji KUROGO sensei, Hanshi 8dan (Japan)
Toshiro TSURIGA, Kyoshi 8dan (Japan)
Daniel CHABAUD sensei, Kyoshi 7dan. (France)
Corinne Marie dit MOISSON sensei, Kyoshi 7dan. (France)

Click here for details on the Haruna Scholarship

This year is the twenty-eighth annual Guelph Spring Seminar, no special anniversary but even so, we'd like to see all our old friends again.

When you look at the registration form you'll find that we've kept the rates lower for students (those in school) and a bit higher for those of us who are in the workforce. Please note well that there are three tiers of pricing for the seminar. The earlybird-registration period lasts until the end of February, and the pre-registration period is from March 1 to the end of April. The final registration period is from May 1 to the seminar. Fees go up by quite a bit in the later two periods so register now. There are also two Friday classes in both iaido and jodo being offered for $50 each class. Senior iaido class is from 5dan and up and the senior jodo class is from 4dan and up. Two alternate classes are being offered, koryu jodo Chudan and koryu iaido Tsumi Ai no Kurai. Check the registration form for details.

In the interest of getting new people to try our arts, we are offering a special day rate for those who have never tried iaido or jodo before. Please let your friends know, students of other martial arts are welcome, and encouraged, to take advantage of this offer. If you have an iaido or jodo student in your dojo who should be at the seminar but can't afford it, please take note of the Haruna Scholarship, the link is above.

Don't forget to make time for all our extracurricular activities, especially the Saturday night dinner (our treat, please let us know on the registration form), the auction is always a hoot even if you aren't bidding. You are all our guests for this event. As usual, we do hope you will spend at least the amount of your meal during the auction.

CKF Jodo gradings to at least 6dan, contact the CKF directly (link is above) to register and check the timetable for grading times.

Looking forward to seeing all the old faces and many new ones as well.



Go to the Seminar Registration Form

TENTATIVE SEMINAR TIMETABLE (Click here for the Timetable)

ANNUAL AUCTION At the Saturday night party, bring your wallet. Donations of items to auction are requested as usual. We supply the eats.

ACCOMMODATION: is available through the University of Guelph hostel and is highly recommended. The official contact is 519-824-4120, x52694 or in May ext. 58124 (Please note that payment is made directly to the hostel, not through the Sei Do Kai).

For those who prefer hotel accommodations: Thrre are several motels nearby and many other hotels are available in Guelph, check out any of the internet hotel search sites.

Breakfast is up to you, lunch is available at the practice site (we collect on the day, it's usually around $7) and dinners usually take care of themselves. Saturday's the party!

The University has two pools, a whirlpool, and a sauna in the same building as our practice. If you want to go outside you can find shops, bars, libraries, and hiking trails. And that's still on the University grounds! Bring the family, we are within driving distance of Niagara Falls, Toronto, and Wellington County tourist country.


Guelph City Website

AIR TO TORONTO then by Red Car Ground Transport to Guelph.
AIR TO KITCHENER 20 minutes from Guelph. Westjet flies from Calgary daily and United flies from Chicago O'Hare daily, Cab to Guelph is reasonable or email us to see if anyone will be free to pick you up.

BUS TRAVEL: The Greyhound bus line will drop you downtown, at which time you take a #52 bus to the University and get off in front of Lampton Hall or East Residence (ask the driver) or you can get dropped off by Greyhound at College and Gordon streets and walk up College Ave to Lampton Hall on your left, or past that to East Ring Road, then turn Right to East Residence. It's about 500 yards.

BY AUTOMOBILE: Take the 401 highway to Brock Road (if coming from Buffalo/Niagara Falls take the QEW north to 403, 403 west to HWY 6 north, it becomes Brock Road). Brock north to College and Gordon, Right on College to Lampton Hall on the left, or past that then Right again on East Ring to East Residence.

ONCE ON CAMPUS: Check the campus maps to find the Athletics building which is just across the road from East Residence (directions above). Parking is permitted for free all weekend and after 5pm on Friday in any of the nearby lots.

FORM AND FEES TO: Kim Taylor, 44 Inkerman St. Guelph, Ontario Canada, N1H 3C5. Cheques payable to Sei Do Kai

Seminar Registration Form

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